User Guide

What is PNB MasterCard inControl

PNB MasterCard inControl is an online tool that allows you to secure and monitor your card and your supplementary card/s' usages through its control features which let you to designate limits on how, when, and where the credit card/s can be used anytime of the day.

How can it help you?

Since you can set limits on your cards (including supplementary), you are assured that you stay within your budget. You can also safely and securely extend your credit cards to your loved ones as you are guaranteed that they will spend only on things that they need.


  1. Creation of controls and spending profiles as to where, when and how your and your supplementary cards are to be used.
  2. Generation of unique Internet card numbers for on-line transactions. No need to expose your real card no. via the internet.
  3. Real-time alerts or notifications upon reaching limits set.

How do I enroll in the PNB MasterCard inControl Facility?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Log-on to and click on "Enroll".
  2. Fill-out the electronic form (e.g. username, etc).
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions and check on the "Agree" button should you conform to the terms stated.
  4. A summary of the information you entered will appear. If you have no corrections/changes, confirm and submit these information to proceed with your enrollment.
  5. A message will appear confirming that you have successfully enrolled in the PNB MasterCard inControl facility.

You will also receive an email on your specified email address containing the link for activation of your enrollement in the PNB MasterCard inControl facility.

Note that the principal cardholder can only access and control the principal card/s that he/she specifically enrolled in the PNB MasterCard inControl. The cardholder has to enroll additional principal accounts that he/she wants to access/control.

Enrollment of principal card/s to the PNB MasterCard inControl Facility will enable the Principal Cardholder to customize control settings for his/her card and for his/her supplementary card/s.

Navigating through your PNB MasterCard inControl webpage

The PNB MasterCard inControl page contains the following:

  1. - Summary or list of cards under your enrolled principal card which also includes all the Supplementary cards under the enrolled Principal card.
  2. - Edit: contains the following controls
    Control Settings Description
    USAGE Set amount limits per transaction (over the counter and online), per day, per week, and many more.
    MERCHANT CATEGORY Set amount limits per merchant category (e.g. Airlines)
    COUNTRY SETTINGS Allow transactions only in the location you specified
    TIME OF DAY Allow transactions based on your preferred day of the week and time of the day
  3. - FAQs link
  4. - View Demo link
  5. - What is an Internet Card No.

Setting Alerts and Limits

  1. Click the Card ID (1) you want to set control limits
  2. Set your preferred alert notification (if via mobile or email)

    1. Email tick box: select if you want to receive alerts via email
    2. Mobile number tick box: select if you want to receive alerts via mobile
    3. Email address field: Enter your email address here
    4. Mobile number field: Enter your mobile number here
    5. Cancel: Click this button if you wish to go back to the previous page
    6. Save: Click this button to save the changes/controls made
    7. Control tabs: These are the control categories which you may select to set and edit your control settings
  3. Click on "EDIT" beside the card number of the card that you wish to control.

3. Select the Category of controls that you wish to apply on your chosen card.

4. Click the drop down arrow on the controls category to see the list of controls. Below are screenshots for your reference. Select whether you like to receive an alert only or to receive an alert and have the transaction/s decline. Default settings/limits set may be changed.

Usage controls - This allows you to control the maximum amount that can be charged to the credit card per transaction, or per store/merchant, and/or per day/week/month.

Merchant Category controls - This allows you to control individual limits set for each Merchant/store category.

Country settings - this allows you to set the country/ies where the card can be used.

Time of Day Controls - this allows you to set the time and/or day when the card can be used.

Important note: PNB will not maintain and make changes on behalf of the cardholder. Only the cardholder can access, set and edit his/her control settings.

Internet Card Number

What is an Internet Card Number?

an Internet Card Number* is a pseudo card number that can be created and used for online transactions. This number is linked to the real card number (the one that appears on your physical card). A user may create as many internet cards he/she wants.

  • Creation of Internet Card Number is free of charge.
  • Internet card number may not be accepted by merchants that require physical presentation of the card.
  • Online transaction made using the internet card are subject to a fee of 0.1% of the internet transaction.
  • Internet cards may be assigned separate names, and may also be different from the name that appears on the real credit card (e.g. "books"). This will help you distinguish and monitor your and your supplementary transactions.


You may view all the Cleared (posted) and authorized transactions under the "Reports" Tab. Here you can see the Date, Merchant/Store, Amount and Card Number used, as well as the Status whether the transaction was approved or declined.


A list of all the Alerts made on your account will be posted in the "Alerts" tab. The Date/Time, Card number used, Alert action, Reason for the Alert, and Contact number or email where the Alert was sent is shown in this report.